Episode 20 - An Alley in Lanternside

February 2, 2020

In which our rats set their plan into motion and Vern takes an ill-advised stroll.

Flotsam is a tabletop roleplaying game played out as a podcast series.

In the game, an unlikely trio – smooth-talking hustler Vern (Jay Britton), mischievous old lady Enid (Amelia Tyler), and earnest tinkerer Reg (Chris Payne) - explore a strange city where rats live as if they were humans. Ian Thomas narrates everything that happens and plays all the other characters.

Flotsam is an original setting dreamed up by Ian, and the roleplaying game system is very simple, based on rolling a ten-sided dice, and on skills that the rats can recall from their forgotten pasts.

You can find out more about us and about the game on our website: https://flotsam.city

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